progressive assessment

A work in continual progress that attempts to establish new indicators that chart personal achievement over time as an exchange value in a social project rationalised by the market.

An ever growing single-channel video work that maps both the life and success of the artist. Each time the work is shown in a new context, 20 seconds of footage is added to the existing piece. Each new addition reflects a self-assessment of the artist's current state of personal satisfaction and professional achievement. In this way the work literally maps the life success of the artist over time. The more popular the work itself becomes the longer it will be. The work will only ever be finished under one of two circumstances; either the work is no longer appreciated and therefore no longer exhibited or else the artist dies.

Additionally, each new edition charts the current exchange value of the work as expressed by indices obtained and inferred from the value of the previous version. This information includes current edition number, current length, current exchange value, accumulated value, accumulated bids, edition owners, market assessment index [(accumulated value times by accumulated bids) times (edition number times by current exchange value) divided by current length], and length at next edition. This information is generated by sales and bid figures for each new edition. One copy of each edition of the work will be sold as a single digital file to the highest bidder. Bids may be made by contacting the artist directly and will be accepted until exactly 24 hours prior to the exhibition of the next version. In this way, although exhibitors are welcome to bid for the current version of the work, it is theoretically impossible for an exhibitor to own the current version at the time of exhibition. This shall provide a transparency mechanism to ensure the equilibrium of the market. It should also be noted that the market indices on any particular edition of the work actually reflect the final value of the previous edition. Thus these indicators should be taken as a reference to the current work only and the total worth of the current edition should always be assumed to be zero until a bid has been placed.

In the age of measurability, the intangible and largely unquantifiable value of the arts and artists is difficult to assess. This project proposes a creative response to this quandary of market rationalism in the assessment of creative works. The work is its own documentation. Its usefulness as a cultural object directly relates to the length of its form and in the event that it loses this utility it will cease to be a work at all. At that point the work will be assessed as valueless.

Progressive Assessment was conceived on 14/05/2013.
(The day of the 2013/14 Australian Federal Budget).

Most Recent Assessment: Edition 0001 13/09/2013 (Colour Box Footscray exhibition).

Edition: 0001
Next exhibition: 0002
Exchange value: $0
Accumulated value: $0
Accumulated bids: 0000
Market assessment index: [(0x0)x(1x0)/20]=0
Current length: 20 seconds
Length at next exhibition: 40 seconds