we Are illuminated

Amidst the bustle of a modern city, We Are Illuminated follows five people through one working night – a vet at a 24-hour animal hospital, a football umpire, a stage manager, a supermarket night filler and an advertising poster installer. Unconnected and unaware of each other, their worlds are separated by physical and social distance. As the night unfolds the glow of the city's lights hint at an interconnectedness between them all. Beautiful imagery, a nocturnal soundscape and evocative music lead us along a sensory journey into the city night. We Are Illuminated is a slice of our shared 24-hour story – the invisible relationships that bind us and the fantastic ocean of light employed to show us our way.

We Are Illuminated was supported by Screen Australia and Open Channel. The film has screened at major festivals in Germany, the USA, China, Mexico, Chile, Russia, Spain, Serbia and Australia. It also recieved a silver award from the Victoria and Tasmania Cinematography Society.

We Are Illuminated



We Are Illuminated (Triptych)

We Are Illuminated was also re-cut and re-imagined as a multi-screen media art work. This version, We Are Illuminated (Triptych), was first presented at the Q-View Gallery in Albury in 2012 and also exhibted on Swanston Street as part of White Night Melbourne 2013.

We Are Illuminated (Triptych) at White Night Melbourne 2013

We Are Illuminated (Triptych) at Q-View Gallery in Albury, 2012